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Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

CSO-Chromosome Refresh Edition 2011

Lagi mencari mod cs yang keren tapi apa ya?? :/ Setelah googling akhirnya dapet salah satu mod. Ini adalah salah satu mod counter-strike yang hampir mirip dengan Counter-Strike Extreme. Setau ane ini adalah versi lain dari CSO-NST, counter-strike yang di mod untuk menyerupai counter strike online.

Beberapa fitur dari mod game ini:
  1. Fix the error model, add muzzeflash for the gun.

  2. Wpn chromosome system with standard parameters compared with CSO and other information about buy guns in the main menu.

  3. CSO system maps and complete the fix.

  4. Lighting and effects in the game better.

  5. Interface Menu Character and Weapon Menu redesigned for the lovely and appropriate. The CSO figures have the background information.

  6. Increase the number used in the U.S. Weapon wpn.

  7. Mark and Sound System Kill Kill the CSO. Kill remove Mark of CF.

  8. English interface.

  9. Delete unnecessary files.

  10. Updates regime Alien Mod - Zombie Scenario.

Sebelum bermain baca ini dulu:
  1. the best game show in Video mode 1024x768 - D3D and OpenGL.
  2. Menu Shop (choose guns) can only be used in Normal mode, the remaining modes disabled going to reduce game lag condition.
  3. To select the game mode you should use the Launcher. 
Download Links (Mediafire - oknoproblem)
Part1 Download
Part2 Download
Part3 Download
Part4 Download

Joint Filenya pake HJSplit aja ya gan -------- HJSplit Download

Credits: oknoproblem (Mod), Lynch (Share)

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